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Algebra 1 and 8th Math
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Algebra, Math


Attended Sam Houston State, Stephen F. Austin State, Lee College, Lee University, and Concordia University.  I have the following degrees:  A.Acc., B.Math, M.Math, and M.Ed. Curriculum.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher.

A member of Teachers Development Group for the past 11 years.

Currently there are about 18% of all highly qualified teachers in the USA who are nationally board certified. This is an extremely rigorous national program and that is why there is small percentage of teachers who can pass all the elements in time.


Worked in Bradley County for two years before coming to Hamilton County ten years ago.

In Hamilton County I worked in the math department at East Lake Academy of Fine Arts and Hixson.  I have been at Hixson for six years.


I love math!

I have been happily married for 27 years to Chris.  I have four adult children, Caleb, Sarah, Hannah and Joel.  Caleb attends UTC for computer networking.  Sarah is a doctor of veterinarian medicine.  Hannah works in the media field with her degree in electronic media productions.  Joel is in cyber development with the USAF at Langley for five years.  I have two jack russell terriers that are 15 years old named Ann and Shelley.  I enjoy reading and learning more about math, board games, word games, tennis, quilting, and watching movies.