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Google Classroom  

I will be moving my site to Google Classroom.  I hope this will make it easier for students and parents to access information on one site.

Until I have made the transition- I will attempt to utilize both sites.


Students have joined my class in the computer lab-  they have access information in their agendas.


Thank you.

Mary Byars


Test Corrections  


Students will receive their 1st test back, Geography and Maps.on thursday August 31st They are able to correct these and have you sign them for "half points".

If your child made a 70 on the test- they can receive 15 points back by correcting the test and getting you to review and sign it.

This benefits everyone-  the student gets a 2nd chance at learning, you get involved in what we are learning in the classroom, and I get more capable students!   WIN-WIN-WIN

Test Corrections are due back Friday, September 8th.

Daily Class Work and Assignments  

Welcome to my class.

If you want to know:

What we did in class...PLEASE check the CALENDAR for daily class assignments.

What homework assignment has been made... PLEASE check the ASSIGNMENTS or CALENDAR.

Where to printout the assignment...FILE MANAGER- look under the topic being discussed for File Category- then look for File.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your student.  I want us ALL to have a good year at Hixson Middle School.


Mary Byars


Welcome to 6th Grade!   In Social Studies we will be using a new textbook by McGraw-Hill.  It offers an online textbook.  Students will register in class for access at home and school.  We are excited with all the resources that this online site has to offer. 

Announcement Image for WELCOME!!!