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Spanish 1 Classroom Rules and Regulations

Welcome Parent and students to Spanish 1 class! Parents, I am delighted that you have taken the time to enroll your child in my Spanish 1. class. This is going to be n exciting and fun year filled with many language sorprices for your child. Here are some things you and your child need to know about the Spanish class.

Rules and Expectations:

1. All Rules and expecttion are enforced. Students must refer their students hadbook

2. all students must do their part.

3. Everyone should be nice with themselves, their teacher and others.

a. Follow the instructions and direction given.

b. Complete all assignments given by teacher for grade.

c. Bring your material and supplies to class daily. (No excepptions!)

d. Be on time! Be prepare daily! Be ready to learn! Be prompt!

e. Don't be late for class.

f. Obey all  classroom rules!

Assignments and project:

A. Absences will not excuse your from your assignments.

B. Practice Spanish at least 10 minuetes daily.

C. Assignments turned in late will lose points.

D. Make up work as soon as possible before grades are turned in to the administration.

E. In oreder to assist students failing behind, extra help if needed, and necessary may be schedule by teacher.

Grading and Criteria:

The grading scale for Hamilton County School is as follows:

93-100 = A (100% is the higher grade for a course)

85-92 = B

75-84 = C

70-74 = D

69 and below = F

I Inclomplete (Must be removed by the end of the next grading period)

Each 9th weeks grade will consist of four components:

A. Class work, homework, participation, and performance Quizzes--------------------->40%

B. 9th Weeks Exams------------------------------------------------------------------------>20%  

C. Test and Projects assignments----------------------------------------------------------->40%


A final note from the Spanish teacher:

Spanish is a fun course. Students will be taught and expected to learn the same material that s taught. The course in not watered down, or made easier, because students are in middle school. However, students are required to do theri work, so that they can be successful in this class. I'am looking forward to a fun and exciting year to be spent with my students.

NOTE: In order to assit students who are falling behing, extra help might be schedule when possible at the discretion of the teacher during on, or after school tutorial sessions hours given by the shcool administration.

Parents can contact me by email at or by telephone area (423) 848-4810 Ext. 298

Parent Printed name and signature:___________________________________________________Date:___________________________

Every student is responsible for their own academic success.

I have read and understood and agreed with the classroom rules and expectations. Learning spanish is a privilege given to me. I must earn that privilege, I promise that I will pay respect, commit, and invest my time and energy in learning Spanish to earn the credits I deserve for my success.

Student printed name and signature:__________________________________________________________________________________