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This link allows you to see TNReady sample questions.

Reading and Writing Resources for Parents
Reading Plus Comprehension Skills Practice

In addition to the See Reader and Read Around programs, Reading Plus offers Comprehension Skills practice and tips at You can find an assortment of engaging lessons and activities on the various skills needed to fully comprehend text.

Virtual Learning Connections: Resources

Virtual Learning Connections have found several online resources for parents and have placed them in one simple location. They also give tips on how to help encourage your student to read at home.

Adolescent Literacy Article

Adolescent Literacy provides parent tips and several engaging activities for your student to enhance their reading skills. It specifically addresses struggling students and how the parent may help them in school and at home.

ReadWriteThink After-School Resources

“Looking for engaging ways to introduce your child to reading or to encourage your teen to write? Need some age-appropriate book suggestions or rainy day activities? The materials here are your answer—all of them created by experts to be fun, educational, and easy to use outside of school.”

Chippewa Falls Middle School: Resources

A teacher at Chippewa Falls Middle School has developed a menu of choices for her middle school students and parents. From book suggestions to reading strategies, this website offers great options.

Edutopia Article: "Nurturing Literacy"

“Nurturing Literacy: Tips and Resources for Developing Lifelong Readers” is an article by Edutopia that gives insight into how you may help your student enjoy and improve their reading. There are hyperlinks embedded in the article which takes you to sites with even more information. There is even a link to apps for the cell phone or tablet to assist with comprehension.


“Newsela is an innovative way for students to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that is always relevant: daily news.” Students are able to read non-fiction texts, that are relevant and up-to-date, then they are able to quiz their comprehension afterward. They are able to adjust the reading level for each article to fit their current needs.

Stay Updated!
Remind (formerly known as Remind 101)

Stay up to date with all classroom information by signing up for Remind. If you need the information to do so, please email or call me for that information. This information was sent home on the first day of school along with the welcome letter.