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Short videos and interactive practice questions about any math topic

Simplifying Expressions/ the Distributive Property

Simplifying Expressions with Rational Numbers (With fractions and decimals)

The Distributive Property

Watch this video if you are still struggling with the distributive property!

Videos of Our Lessons from Class
Lesson 1 Additive Inverses 8/14

Click on the link to see a video about what we learned in class today! This is an excellent tool to help you with your homework or when you are studying.

Lesson 1 Addition Rules for Negative Numbers

This video explains some simple rules that you can follow when adding with negative numbers!

Lessons 2&3 Subtraction Rules

This video summarizes subtraction rules for positive and negative numbers! That is, if Subtraction actually exists....

Lesson 4 Multiplying & Dividing with Negative Numbers

Click here to review the multiplication and division rules for integers.

Finding the Distance Between Two Numbers

In this video, I explain several different strategies for finding the distance between two numbers!

Lesson 5 Converting Fractions to Decimals

This video describes several methods you can use when converting a fraction to a decimal, INCLUDING long division! Check out Lesson 5 in your textbook for more information/practice.

Lesson 6: Multiplying & Dividing Rational Numbers

Lesson 7: Adding & Subtracting with Rational Numbers

One-Step Equations

This video shows you how to solve the most basic types of equations!

Two-Step Equations

This video shows you how to solve basic two-step equations!

Other Types of Equations

This video covers some other types of equations you need to know how to solve!

Links to Google Docs Warm-ups & Other Worksheets
Wildcats Diner Menu (Performance Assessment #1)

Warm-ups #5

Warm-ups #3

Warm-ups #6

Warm-ups #7