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Summer Reading Information
Find all you need for summer reading here!
2 file(s)
Homework 2016-2017
Download and print homework assignments from here!
7 file(s)
Flash Draft Templates
2 file(s)
Tone and Mood
Get notes, PowerPoint, etc regarding tone and mood.
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2016-17 Reading Log
This is the reading log that students use while reading each week. They use the signposts to further their comprehension. Five entries are due each week.
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2017 Reading Fair
Hixson Middle's First Reading Fair is coming to Literacy Night!
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Student Checklists
These are the various checklists used in class for the different types of papers we will write this year.
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Google Classroom Instructions
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Parent Resources
Help your student at home! Here is a collection of resources I have gathered in order to help your student succeed.
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Competitive Sports Articles: Non-Fiction Argument Essay
These are the articles we are using in class! Feel free to print and keep a copy at home or allow your student to bring them to class in order to write, highlight, etc on if they would like.
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Test Preparation Classes
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5 Paragraph Essay Format
This is the outline for developing a formal five paragraph essay.
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Reading Response Pages
Here are the pages for the reading response. Please check the date on the file before downloading/printing.
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