Summer Reading

This summer you should read as many books as you can. Here’s why
out-of-school reading matters :
➔ Students who develop strong reading skills at an early age are much more
likely to graduate from high school and seek post-secondary education
and training.
➔ Reading is a key component of “soft skills,” such as communications, and
it bolsters analytical thinking.
➔ Students need especially strong reading skills to acquire knowledge in
STEM fields, and workers in STEM jobs must have advanced literacy skills
to read and communicate about scientific and technical topics.
➔ Just as important, research consistently shows that reading itself is one of
the most commonly and intensively used skills among all types of jobs
across the entire U.S. economy.
from Why Reading Matters and What To Do About It by Business Roundtable.

You may purchase or check out your self-selected book choices from the
public library. Don’t forget the online option with your public library card.
Students can borrow ebooks and audiobooks. Also, The Library of
Congress has some books available to read online at

As a student at Hixson Middle School you are required to read “All
Summer in a Day” and “Dark They Were and Golden Eyed”, which are 2
short stories by Ray Bradbury.
To create a community of readers Hixson
Middle will use one text set, one school approach to summer reading. The
purpose of a school-wide summer reading selection is to encourage
students to continue reading while also allowing for a shared experience.
The stories listed above must be read prior to the start of the school
year. The culminating summer reading event is the summer reading club
celebration on Friday, August 28, 2020. Summer reading clubs will be
facilitated by faculty members. The clubs give students an opportunity to
discuss their thinking about their reading. Students will be assessed on
their comprehension and participation.

Click here to access the summer reading short stories.

"There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found
the right book."— Frank Sarafini
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