2019 Dance Dress Code

Hixson Middle School  

Dance Dress Code 

The following are the general guidelines as to what is appropriate dress for middle school dances:

• Dresses/skirts/shorts must be fingertip length (no shoulder shrugging).
• Two straps are to be at least one inch wide crossing the center of both shoulders. No halter-tops (tie behind the neck) or one strap dresses/tops are allowed. If your dress/top has less than 1-inch straps (spaghetti straps), you must wear a sweater/bolero and it must remain on at all times.
• No midriffs are to show.
• Necklines should be middle school age appropriate and should not be more than 2 inches from the collar bone.
• Dresses/skirts are not to have long thigh-high slits. Slits may not be more than 2 inches above the knee front or back.
• Shoes must be worn for the entire time, keep in mind your safety and comfort when wearing three-inch or more heels for two hours. 

• Low-hung and baggy jeans are not allowed.
• T-shirts with inappropriate sayings are not allowed. 

• No holes or appearance of holes are allowed in clothing.
• Dress should be school dress code or better.

The overall idea is to keep in mind the image you present as an appropriately dressed middle school student.

HxMS administration reserves the right to add or delete from the above dress code in order to obtain the proper environment. In matters of judgment, the administration or his/her designee will prevail.

If student does not meet the above guidelines, they will be not be allowed to attend the dance.

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