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Google Classroom  

From now on, we wil be using Google Classroom as a place to see assignments, find copies of HW, see videos, etc. Your child signed up for Google Classroom in class last week. If for some reason, your child has not yet been added to my Google Classroom, please let me know.

Wildcats Diner Corrections  

The Wildcats Diner Assessment (from 11/17) can be corrected, if you made below a 70. Corrections are due on a seperate sheet of paper by 12/1. You will be able to earn half of the points that you originally missed, up to a 70. The menu can be found under "File Manager."

Late Work & Quiz on Friday 11/3  

Reminder that ALL late work needs to be turned in by November 3rd, when progress reports are posted. I will not accept ANYTHING after 11/3 that was due before then.

Also, we will have a quiz on Friday over algebraic expressions, including algebraic expressions involving percentages. Study Lesson 15 in your book in order to be prepared.

Test 10/27!!  

For your test, you need to know the following things:

Definitions of term, coefficient, variable, constant, and operator

How to simplify expressions (using the distributive property and combining like terms)

How to find equivalent expressions (by factoring or expanding the expression)

How to factor/use the distributive property (know that your resulting expression will be a product)

How to determine if two expressions are equivalent (simplify both of them and see if they are the same)

How to find the perimeter of a shape

Change to Tutoring Policy  

Students have been taking advantage of my tutoring services and are treating it like its a social event. From now on, students will need to sign up beforehand. There is a sign-up sheet on my whiteboard that they can fill out. I reserve the right to say no, if students are not behaving in class or putting forth effort. These tutoring sessions are meant as a time for me to answer any questions they have, not for me to tell them all of the answers on the homework. I expect them to come ready to work. If any students are not willing to do so, then these tutoring sessions are not for them. Please e-mail me if you have any questions.  

New Videos and Links!  

It's come to my attention that the files tab on my webite does not always work. Now, if you click on the Links tab and scroll to the bottom, you will be able to click on links to view any files you may need. This includes old warm-ups, extra worksheets, information needed for test corrections, etc. You just click on the link for the file that you need and it should open in your web browser.

Test 8/25!  

Our first test is tomorrow, 8/25! It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with negative numbers. Check out the assignments tab to find out how you can get 5 points bonus on the test!


Welcome, 7th grade mathematicians! The Jaguar team is excited to have you. Remember to get your Welcome Letter signed by a parent/guardian by Monday, 8/14. Also, if you or your parents/guardians would like to join my Remind group, you can join with the code @mshlitt. Remind is an excellent e-mail/texting tool to help you stay in the loop.