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ART  Room #8207 Monday-Friday

How do time and place affect an artist's work? What is art? Does art serve a purpose? Do we need art in school?

Welcome, Students in middle grades visual art courses will learn to select, control, and experiment with a variety of art tools, media, and processes used to create works of art and crafts. Students will evaluate historical and personal works of art with increasingly perceptive abilities as they learn and apply organizational components of art and design. Through critiquing techniques, the students develop an appreciation of both the aesthetic and functional aspects of visual art. As the students progress through their study of visual art they gain an understanding of how the arts relate to history, culture, and other disciplines.

25 points*Following Directions
25 points*Completeness
25 points*Effort
25 points*Neatness
100 =Total

TN Department of Education Evaluation for Art:

Artistic & creative achievement are encouraged for students to reach beyond the criteria.